FR Inherent
High strength, softer
FR Denim & FR Knitted
Durable, wear resistant
1. FR Inherent is a new generation of flame retardant protection using inherent FR fibers which are specially selected for their innovative properties.
2. Combining the Aramid,Modacrylic,Viscose and blending FR fabrics with newest innovation in fibers and finishing.
1. EN 20471 - High Visibility
2. Lightweight protection
3. Flame protection is built into the fibers and will never wash out
4. Oeko - Tex 100 & REACH certified
5. Excellent abrasion values
1. FR Denim fabrics are provided a wide range of weights from 7oz to 14oz and suitable for varies climates and working conditions.
2. FR Knitted Fabric are soft and breathable in FR wear, proving that FR fabric can be as comfortable as it is effective in protecting wearers.
1. High quality cotton
2. Good FR performance, & stand
3. Industrial washing above 50 times
4. Soft,non-toxic,and nonirritating
5. Breathable,elasticity,and extensibility

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