Xinke Protective is not only a professional flame retardant clothing manufacturer, also has a strong R & D team, in 2009 developed a new environmentally friendly flame retardant finishing technology ----- FRECOTEX ®, this technology is not registered a trademark . Officially listed in 2012 received recognition and appreciation from the global high-end customers. FRECOTEX ® is made from the most innovative and advanced flame retardant chemicals for optimum protection while meeting the most stringent environmental standards. FRECOTEX ® combines the environmental protection and wearing comfort of personal protection products.

Xinke Protective R & D team


Xinke Protective as a leader in the design and flame retardant clothing to provide safety and comfortable for all the workers who work in mining, electrical, arc flash and offshore.

Pattern making

CAD system is made to create patterns for suitable size for you. It is the expertise tool on sizing or grading of designs. Outstanding CAD technology make us difference.

Embroidered Logos/Screen

If you need the logo on the flame retardant clothing, we have the professional embroidery machines and advance technology give you the beautiful appearance and comfortable feeling.