Oil&Gas and Arc Flash fields

Workers working in Oil & Gas and Arc Flash fields are at risk from high temperatures, fire, explosions, etc. They need stronger protective clothing. Xinke Protective professional flame retardant overalls manufacturer.

Mining industry

Oil, wear-resistant, dirt-resistant miner's overalls is the most important function. Xinke Protective high-strength, wear-resistant flame-retardant overalls are the first choice for mining workers to protect workers from unnecessary injuries.

Welding industry

Wherever welding can be dangerous to the operator, proper precautions must be taken during welding. Xinke Protective functional flame retardant workwear, to protect the welding workers to avoid burns, electric shock, ultraviolet radiation and other hazards.

Construction fields

Durability and comfort are the builders' first choice for functional flame retardant clothing. Xinke protective clothing produced to meet the needs of construction workers